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    Safa Noor 

    Safa Noor is an emerging Pakistani brand already making its name for its unique expression and originality. Safa Noor has a variety of dresses from beautiful fancy gowns for a night out to simple attires for a formal meeting at work. The tasteful dresses in the summer and winter collections for sale are a seamless blend of decency and modern wear.

    Safa Noor Stitched and Unstitched

    The option of stitched and unstitched gives you the freedom to sew these designs as you please! If you are a woman who wants to express her individuality through clothes, should include Safa Noor in your wardrobe. 

    Safa Noor Winter Collection

    New arrivals by the brand continue to succeed its previous masterpieces. The cambric in summers and Jacquard in winters serve to be the highlight of the new arrivals. Other than these the new arrivals have a majority of dresses that are bold in color and unique in design. 

    Safa Noor 2-piece and 3-piece suits collection 

    The collection is available in 2-piece and 3-piece suits, both stitched and unstitched. These arrivals are available on the Konjae Store online and offline, where you see the shirt and trouser prices for yourself.

    Safa Noor Clothing

    Safa Noor clothing is a brand loved by bold creative women in Pakistan who are not afraid of making a statement wherever they go. With such elegant designs merged with traditional embellishments and silhouettes, you are sure to look classy throughout your day/evening.

    Safa Noor Collections

    When it comes to variety, there is hardly any brand ahead of Safa Noor. It has all the casual and semi-formal wear shalwar kameez suits, and long and elegant silky gowns in innovative and original designs & shapes.  The dress collections are made to cater to several different style preferences and personal choices. It is safe to say that no matter what kind of dressing sense you have, Safa Noor will style you in the best of the best! 

    So stay tuned for our upcoming Safa Noor sale!