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    Rang Rasiya Clothing Brand

    Rang Rasiya is a haven of elegance and poise, topped with splendor or magnificent lavishness. The brand came into existence back in the year 2014 but gained a multitude of fans in a relatively short time. The subtleness and minimalistic approach toward its designs make the dresses look very neat, sophisticated, feminine, and delicate, all at the same time! This turned out to work in great favor for Rang Rasiya, because Pakistani fashion does tend to lean towards western fashion, and Rang Rasiya’s color palette did just that! The delicate and feminine designs, and the classy silhouettes, all make Rang Rasiya a perfect bridge between the Eastern and Western fashion worlds! Not to mention, these colors and designs are the best for the summer season!

    Rang Rasiya Clothing Collections 

    The dresses at Rang Rasiya are designed in a variety of clothing and styling ways. The names of Fabrics include Lawn, Viscose, Karandi, chiffon cotton, etc. 

    Rang Rasiya produces clothes for all including casual, formal, semi-formal, and fancy wear. Fancy clothes are best worn at festive celebrations or weddings among one's friends and family. Whereas, Casual wear can be worn to any day to the office, or job and semi-formals for office meetings and a day.night out with friends! These are a perfect match for all our lovely ladies/ 

    Rang Rasiya Winter & Summer Collections

    You don’t want to miss out on the premium Summer and Winter collections by Rang Rasiya, available at Konje! The royal vibe and the touch of luxury are what the fabric sparkles with. It makes the dresses even more beautiful! The prices even though not very high, still seem low compared to the amount of work that goes into these dresses. 

    Rang Rasiya Lawn Sale

    Konjae makes sure to bring to you Sales by Rang Rasiya, in every season, every time. We want to make all branded clothes accessible to all our worthy new and old valued customers. 

    So stay tuned at Konjae so you don’t miss out on Rang Rasiya’s best sales offers!