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    Maria B Collection

    Step into the exciting world awaiting you with Maria B. Here, fashionistas' dreams are granted most marvelously.

    Oh graciously allow me to present Maria B! Maria B is a label that aims to leave an irresistible and profound impression rather than solely selling clothes. Your inner goddess emerges every time you wear Maria B because it approves of the charmed attire you chose!

    Maria B. Collections | Maria b Lawn Sale | Maria B Unstitched

    Now, let's explore Maria B's sale! Not to add, finding Maria B. Sale is like getting a lucky four-leaf clover in style! Their collections, whether they are unstitched or ready-to-wear, deliver something remarkable for every diva and any special occasion that may arise! Maria B's has amazing bridal robes, fancy dresses, and party wear collections that are perfect for Eid, dinners, friend outings, or nighttime formal events from your job—perfect to dress up for the Eid holiday or your special wedding day!

    Maria B. Clothing Brand

    Who is Maria B? Maria B is a friend who always manages to make you feel like a shining diamond! The lawn collection's intricate royal embellishments and the velvet items' opulent atmosphere combine to make Maria B outfits a festival of creativity, style, and grace!

    Maria B. New Arrivals with Konjae

    So listen up, Pakistani Divas! You've come to the right place if you're searching for something that stands out and draws all eyes to you with admiration and yearning for your style! We have all the top Pakistani clothing brands, including Maria B, as well as brand-new arrivals to help you look your best and shine all the time! We at Konjae know that clothing is more than mere dressing. It is a way to express your identity and taste in aesthetics and life. Brace yourselves to be thrilled with Maria B dresses that you can access just with taps of your fingertips! 

    Visit your closest Konjae rightnow so we can help you dress your best!