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    Hussain Rehar Clothing

    Hussain Rehar’s dresses are the definition of the brand’s uniqueness and extravagance. Hussain Rehar, the creative director of the band, studied fashion abroad and came back to Pakistan to create boundless beautiful collections in traditional Pakistani couture. 

    Hussain Rehar Stitched & Unstitched Dresses

    Hussain Rehar’s new bridals collection is no less than poems, sometimes love songs. Each elaborate dress tells its own story and has a firm, wise, confident, kind, and beautiful personality! 

    Hussain Rehar Winter Collection | Hussain Rehar Sale | Hussain Rehar Lawn Fabrics 

    Hussain Rehar is known for the uniqueness and originality of his works. While we don’t have a clue as to what inspires his creativity, we do see a flora of different cultures and costumes reflected in his works. If we were to explain his works, we’d say that he does an excellent job at infusing Pakistani Fabrics and designs into foreign silhouettes from China, Japan, Bengal, Jamaica, and more! Hussain Rehar’s designs are many things but they are not copies of other designers. In an industry where copying designs is becoming a norm, Hussain Rehar is too busy expressing and displaying his very own original creativity. 

    Be it winter wedding dresses or Lawn summer wear, Hussain Rehar surprises with originality every time, This brand has been nominated a couple of times for two of the most prestigious awards in the country. 

    Hussain Rehar Bridal Collection | Hussain Rehar Online Collection

    Hussain Rehar does aim to create many more masterpieces and transcend now toward Western wear. As fluent in individuality as Hussain is, we can understand that one country’s traditional art style is not enough to satiate his palette. As every artist goes through their loop of creativity, we do expect Hussain Rehar to come back and produce even superior masterpieces in traditional wear after he is done with his voyage for Western designs.